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Open Show Series #5
June 19 - 20, 2021

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Deadline for Online Entry - 6/12/2021
Pre-Entries Close Sunday, April 25th for cattle classes

Avoid the $30 Post Entry Fee!

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By entering this show, I hereby release the Southern California Professional Horseshow Association (Hereafter referred to as SCPHA) from all liability for any act of negligence or want of ordinary care on the part of SCPHA and or any of its agents. In consideration of my participation in events organized or sponsored by SCPHA I waive, release, and discharge SCPHA and their directors, officers, agents and members, their representatives, heirs, executors and assigns from any and all claims of liability for injury or damage to myself, my animals, or my property arising out of my participation in SCPHA events. This agreement is binding upon my executors, heirs and assigns.

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Payment in full must accompany entry. -» SCPHA All Day Fee: After 5th regular class, additional classes are FREE! (per rider) APHA, Warm-up, AQHA and SDSEL classes and pole fee not included in the all day class fee. AQHA fee includes AQHA/PCQHA fees.

Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate 
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate 
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Class#, Rider & Birthdate
Warm-up Class Fees

$10.00 per go
SCPHA Class Fees

$15.00 per class
PCHA/APHA Class Fees

$20.00 per class
AQHA Class Fees

$25.00 per class
PCHA Qualifiers Fees

$25.00 per class

Post Entry Fee
(after 6/17

$30 per horse
CA Drug Fee

per horse
Grounds Fee

per horse
SCPHA Membership Fee

$60 (required for
High Pt &
EOY Awards)
Pole Fee
Trail and Ranch Trail

$20 per trail
horse entry
Stall Fee

$35 per stall
RV Fee

$35 per night
Herd Work
Cow Horse Fee

Cattle Fee


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